Michigan Boasts the 3rd Lowest Cost of Living in the U.S. - CNBC's Top States for Business, 2017 

The I&M Michigan Region

Indiana Michigan Power, AEP’s operating company in Michigan, provides electricity to 46 cities in 6 counties in southwestern Michigan. Our local economic development experts work with our community partners to attract and retain business in the region.

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Advantages of Doing Business in Michigan

Location & Infrastructure

  • One-day round-trip truck drive to 15 states and Ontario, Canada; access to 37 million of the U.S. population and 13.6 million of the Ontario population
  • Excellent interstate and four-lane highway service – I-94, I-80, I-90, and US 31
  • SW Michigan is only 90 interstate miles to Chicago; 180 interstate miles to Detroit
  • Served by CSX and Norfolk Southern railways
  • Seven international airports within a 200-mile radius
  • Two deepwater freight ports; and one within 90 miles – Burns Harbor, IN; St. Joseph, MI; and Chicago, IL


Business Climate

  • With a 6% corporate income tax rate, 4.25% personal (flat) income tax rate, and 6% sales tax (+ no local sales tax), the Tax Foundation ranks it among the best in the nation.
  • Sales tax exemptions are available for manufacturing machinery and equipment, electricity, and natural gas used in production and pollution control equipment
  • Property tax rates vary by location, but Michigan’s system provides automatic exemptions that effectively cut personal property taxes by 65% for industrial businesses, plus there’s no personal property tax on machinery and equipment
  • Michigan businesses pay unemployment insurance on the first $9,500 of wages paid to each worker in a calendar year – Established employers may pay as little as 0.06%
  • Michigan’s “open competition” workers’ compensation insurance system allows insurance rates to be set by the market – Companies can shop nearly 250 insurance carriers for the best, lowest-cost options
  • No inventory tax
  • Right-to-work legislation passed in 2012
  • Michigan provides millions of dollars in support of business expansion and growth through resources, incentives, and loans

Workforce & Education

Pie Chart of Michigan's Sectors of Employment

  • Michigan is home to 15 four-year public colleges and universities, as well as a large network of community colleges and private institutions
  • The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor was ranked the fourth best public school in the nation in US News and World Report’s “2017 Top Public Schools” rankings
  • Worker availability in key occupations:
Table of Workers (2015)
Jobs  Average Hourly Earnings
STEM 277,921  $35.14
Engineers 104,938  $40.86
Business 209,032  $29.86
Automotive Production 305,917  $15.87
Source: EMSI 2017.2

Electric Service

  • Competitive industrial rates in line with state and national averages


  • I&M offers an Economic Development Rider (EDR) incentive to new and expanding businesses in Michigan.
    • I&M’s EDR in Michigan is available to new or existing customers who: a) will be adding at least 300kW of new load, b) receive an incentive from a state or local organization, and c) are in a competitive situation where the EDR is a deciding factor in the site location process.
    • Based on actual demand and load factor criteria, this EDR could equal a credit of $12.00 per kilowatt for a period of up to 60 consecutive months.
  • I&M owns 3,539 MW of generation
    • Coal: 47.2%
    • Nuclear: 43.2%
    • Hydro, Wind & Solar: 9.6%
  • I&M operates 919 transmission miles and 5,351 distribution miles in Michigan

Michigan is a recognized leader in economic development.

  • #1 in Automotive Manufacturing Strength – Business Facilities Magazine, 2017
  • #3 in Manufacturing (Percentage of Workforce) – Business Facilities Magazine, 2017
  • #3 for Cost of Living – CNBC Top States for Business, 2017
  • #4 in Manufacturing (Employment) – Business Facilities Magazine, 2017
  • #9 for Economy – CNBC Top States for Business, 2017
  • #9 for Technology and Innovation – CNBC Top States for Business, 2017
  • #10 Most Economic Development Projects Overall,= – Site Selection Magazine’s Governor’s Cup, 2016

Our key customers include:

  • American Axle and Manufacturing Company, Inc.
  • Dock Foundry
  • Guardian Industries Corporation
  • The Minute Maid Company
  • Whirlpool Corporation
  • White Pigeon Paper Company

The principal industries we support are:

  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Fabricated Metal Products
  • Plastics
  • Primary Metals
  • Rubber Products
  • Transportation Equipment

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Shelley Klug, CEcD

Shelley Klug, CEcD

Manager of Economic and Business Development

Indiana Michigan Power


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