Indiana Boasts the 2nd Lowest Cost of Doing Business in the U.S. - CNBC's Top States for Business, 2017 

The I&M Indiana Region

Indiana Michigan Power, AEP’s operating company in Indiana, provides electricity to 118 communities in 24 counties in northern and northeastern Indiana. The I&M economic development team can be your go-to resource for your move or expansion in our nearly 3,200 square mile service territory.

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Advantages of Doing Business in Indiana

Location & Infrastructure

Known as the “Crossroads of America,” Indiana is a global logistics leader.

  • Indiana is a national leader in pass-through interstates, home to the 2nd largest FedEx air hub worldwide, and 3rd in total freight railroads
  • Two major interstates, I-80/90 and I-69, run through I&M’s service territory
  • 60% of the US population and 40% of the Canadian population within one day’s truck drive
  • Indiana provides the only statewide port system with direct waterway access to two U.S. coasts


Business Climate

Indiana has created a business environment where conditions are set for success:

  • The corporate income tax rate is being cut from 7% to 4.9% by 2022 – As of 2015, the rate is 6.5%
  • Since 2011, Indiana has used the single-sales factor for apportioning corporate income tax, calculating the Indiana portion based solely on the portion of a company’s sales in Indiana
  • Indiana’s sales and use tax is calculated at 7% with several manufacturing and R&D exemptions available
  • Real and personal property tax is assessed at 100% of true value; rates vary locally; business property taxes are capped at 3 percent of assessed value
  • Indiana has no gross receipts tax and no inventory taxText_AAA
  • Indiana has a AAA credit rating from all three major credit rating agencies
  • Indiana is a right-to-work state


Workforce & Education

Pie Chart of Indiana's Sectors of Employment

Indiana has the right people on the ground to accomplish your business objectives.

  • Over 70 colleges and universities in the state
  • Average wages 16% below the nation
  • Worker availability in key occupations:
Table of Workers (2015)
Jobs  Average Hourly Earnings
STEM  127,594  $31.19
Engineers  32,363  $35.44
Business  127,062  $27.36
Automotive Production  253,450  $15.72
Source: EMSI 2017.2

Electric Service

I&M rates are among the lowest in the nation, plus we offer incentives to new and existing customers.

  • Industrial rates 5% lower than the national average and 9% lower than the state averageBar Chart I&M Indiana Industrial Rates
  • I&M offers an Economic Development Rider (EDR) incentive to new and expanding businesses in Indiana.
    • I&M’s EDR in Indiana is available to new or existing customers who: a) will be adding at least 500kW/kVA or more, b) receive an incentive from a state or local organization, c) are in a competitive situation where the EDR is a deciding factor in the site location process, and d) will be making at least $1 million in capital investment or creating 10 new full-time jobs.
    • Based on actual demand and load factor criteria, this EDR could equal a credit of $11.00 per kilowatt for a period of up to 60 consecutive months.
  • I&M owns 3,539 MW of generation
    • Coal: 47.2%
    • Nuclear: 43.2%
    • Hydro, Wind & Solar: 9.6%
  • I&M owns 4,382 transmission miles and 15,059 distribution miles in Indiana


The state of Indiana has been recognized as a leading state in economic development.

  • #1 in Manufacturing (Percentage of Workforce) – Business Facilities Magazine, 2017
  • #1 for Regulatory Environment – Forbes Best States for Business, 2017
  • #2 for Cost of Doing Business – CNBC Top States for Business, 2017
  • #2 for Cost of Living – CNBC Top States for Business, 2017
  • #3 for Infrastructure – CNBC Top States for Business, 2017
  • #4 in Automotive Manufacturing Strength – Business Facilities Magazine, 2017
  • #4 for Quality of Life – Forbes Best States for Business, 2017
  • #6 for Best Business Climate – Business Facilities Magazine, 2017
  • #7 in Manufacturing (Employment) – Business Facilities Magazine, 2017
  • #8 for Business Friendliness – CNBC Top States for Business, 2017
  • #10 for Best State for Business – Forbes Best States for Business, 2017
  • #10 for Economy – CNBC Top States for Business, 2017

The principal industries we support:

  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Fabricated Metal Products
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing
  • Plastics
  • Primary Metals
  • Rubber Products
  • Transportation Equipment

I&M serves over 455,000 customers in Indiana, including:

  • Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
  • Anchor Glass Container
  • Ball State University
  • BOC Gases
  • Cardinal Ethanol, LLC
  • GM Metal Fabricating Division
  • Honeywell International, Inc.
  • IN/Tek
  • Mullinix Packages, Inc.
  • New Energy Corporation
  • Praxair, Inc.
  • Red Gold
  • Saint Gobain Corporation USA
  • Steel Dynamics, Inc.
  • Ultimate Ethanol, LLC
  • Unifrax Corporation
  • Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company
  • University of Notre Dame


Ashley Savieo, CEcD

Ashley Savieo, CEcD

Manager of Economic and Business Development

Indiana Michigan Power


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