Plastic & Rubber Product Manufacturing 

With an experienced workforce, a critical mass of existing industry, excellent access to raw materials and primary markets, our 11-state service territory is a natural fit for plastic and rubber companies.

AEP State Advantages for Plastic & Rubber Product Manufacturing


Your workforce needs will be met. AEP states are home to 37% of the industry’s jobs and have wages below the U.S. average.

Raw Material Access

Resin producers will have access to a significant portion of the Texas and Louisiana crude oil fields and the nation’s largest and fastest-growing shale gas plays for feedstock.

Proximity to Markets

Plastic producers can access growing Southern and Midwestern markets in primary industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction and consumer products.

Existing Industry

With nearly 4,000 plastic & rubber products manufacturing facilities located in AEP states, the industry’s needs are well met.


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Scott Kuehn

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