Across our territory you will find America’s most attractive and diverse manufacturing locations where companies can lower their costs, enhance productivity, access fast-growing shale plays, streamline cargo transportation and gain competitive edge.

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FWT, LLC, a leading manufacturer of steel structures for the utility and telecommunications industry shares how AEP Economic & Business Development assisted with its expansion into Ohio.

AEP States Meet the Needs of Manufacturers

A Strong Supply of Skilled, Affordable Workers

  • AEP states are home to 31% of the U.S.’s manufacturing workforce (EMSI, 2014.4)
  • Manufacturing wages are lower than the U.S. average in most AEP states
  • 2,134 colleges and universities in AEP states


World Class Transportation Infrastructure

The AEP service territory is well connected to important domestic and global markets.


Strong Existing Industry Presence

  • 91,214 manufacturing facilities employing 4 million workers (EMSI, 2014.4)
  • One third of the total U.S. manufacturing output is made in AEP states (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2014)
  • 45% of all new manufacturing projects and expansions in the last 7 years occurred in AEP states (Conway New Plant Database 2007-2014)

Low Cost of Doing Business

AEP’s industrial regulated electric rates are typically 10% below the national average (EIA 2014).

AEP states are among the nation’s most competitive tax structures. According to the Tax Foundation:

  • 8 of 11 AEP states are below the national average effective tax rate for labor-intensive manufacturing operations
  • 7 of 11 AEP states are below the national average effective tax rate for capital-intensive manufacturing operations


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