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Award-Winning Site Selection

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Using hashtags on social media, especially on Twitter, is a great way to get involved in a larger conversation surrounding a specific topic. Here are eight top economic development hashtags to follow related conversations on social media.

  1. #EconDev is by far the number one hashtag used in economic development. This hashtag is actively used daily by EDOs, economic developers and site selectors to share information about projects, news, best practices, conference updates and more. #EconDev is a great general hashtag to incorporate into tweets. Be sure to also search the hashtag and retweet or reply to others using the hashtag to be a part of the two-way conversations happening on social media.
  2. While #EconomicDevelopment is considered too long as a hashtag by many, it is still used frequently to share the same relevant information as #EconDev. Add this hashtag into the rotation, especially for shorter tweets, to reach others who might not be using the abbreviated #EconDev hashtag.
  3. #siteselection is another popular hashtag on Twitter, especially when it comes to talking about available sites, certified sites and locations recently selected for projects. This is a great hashtag to search when looking for current trends in the site selection industry.
  4. #CRE is the most commonly used hashtag for corporate real estate news and information.
  5. #FDI, the foreign direct investment hashtag, is used to discuss capital investments around the globe, not just in the United States. This hashtag is targeted to this specific topic.
  6. We all know that #jobs is the most important topic when it comes to economic development and incorporating #jobs into your tweets may make sense. You will want to use this hashtag in conjunction with one of the other economic development hashtags since it is so broad and may otherwise pull in irrelevant content, such as job postings and help wanted ads.
  7. The workforce development hashtag #wkdev is another great topical hashtag to use when you are sharing or searching for relevant content and is used particularly when talking about U.S. Labor Department news. This pairs well with a conference hashtag or a hashtag specific to your region.
  8. Along with jobs and workforce development, #talentattraction is another niche hashtag that can be used when you have relevant information to contribute to the online conversation.

What other hashtags are you using in your economic development posts on Twitter?

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