Award-Winning Site Selection
Award-Winning Site Selection

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Some of the best products and services we have to enjoy are the beautiful result of perfect combinations. Like the peanut butter cup’s marriage of two delicious ingredients, AEP and Compass come together to create a unique force in the data center world.

Our two companies began formally working together in the summer of 2014, when AEP selected Compass to build its corporate datacenter, a Tier 3 certified facility with 16,000 square feet of raised floor on a 9 acre site near its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. The project was completed in less than eight months, and exceeded AEP’s requirements on speed of delivery, design and build process.

But we have personally met several times prior on the data center industry circuit, and connected on a mutual commitment our companies share to collaborate with clients to build reliable solutions that meet their unique needs.

AEP’s qualified data center sites are located in secondary business regions that Compass defines as its own niche markets, at the edge of established networks. With businesses’ growing reliance on the Internet and the growth of bandwidth-intensive consumer applications, these markets are currently underserved in the data center world.

The partnership between electric utility and data center builder is a critical relationship and can help ensure a client’s success. Utilize the Reese’s cup analogy when considering your next project, and look for a solution where utility and builder can come together, like AEP and Compass can to optimize a data center design with power delivery needs to fit the demand profile of smaller markets.

Chris_Crosby Written in collaboration with
Chris Crosby, Chief Executive Officer,
Compass Datacenters
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