Award-Winning Site Selection
Award-Winning Site Selection

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It is AEP’s goal to be a trusted energy advisor to all of our corporate customers. We want to work together with our corporate partners to develop mutually beneficial products and services that meet individual corporate objectives and bring value to customers.

In this spirit, we invited corporate customers from a variety of industries to a “Dialogue on Renewable Energy” in Columbus, Ohio. We wanted to learn from companies about their needs and green energy goals. Facebook, Toyota, and Hilton were among the attendees actively engaged in the discussion.Renewable Energy Corporate Discussion

This forum was a great opportunity to share visions and for us to begin to think about how we can help with corporate renewable energy goals – specifically, about how we can put that technology in place to not only help our corporate customers, but to help the grid with capacity and reliability issues—which is also good for our communities going forward.

As AEP continues to transform, it is critical to work together internally and externally in order to provide superior solutions for our customers and communities. These types of discussions give us feedback we can use to develop products and services.

An example of the issues facing corporate customers that is critical for our partnership is the need for flexibility. With multiple locations across the country and varied timeliness and objectives, flexibility is necessary for developing satisfactory energy solutions that address green energy goals.

Using this type of two-way dialogue is one way AEP is combining forces with customers while we develop an aggressive renewable energy program.

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