Mastered in Tennessee

In the hills of Tennessee, Made in the U.S.A. comes with a footnote: Mastered in Tennessee. It’s a description that reflects the work ethic of the region’s manufacturing workforce. A workforce that makes things you use every day: cars and chemicals, food and beverage. And much more. The Volunteer State ranked #1 in business climate (Business Facilities, 2019) and boasts a rate of manufacturing jobs creation greater than the national average. Its lauded workforce is fueled in part by the Tennessee Promise, which provides the next generation of workers two years of tuition-free education after high school. Tennessee has the tools to help your business grow.

Our Team in Tennessee

Our economic development team is based with our operating company, Appalachian Power. We serve four counties in northeast Tennessee, which is home to several major chemical and plastic manufacturers, including the corporate headquarters and largest manufacturing operation of Eastman Chemical Company.

Contact Scott Kuehn, Senior Manager

  • I lead our business attraction team, which supports prospective commercial/industrial customers by identifying and gaining competitive advantages when considering a site in our service territory.
  • My work is informed by over 20 years of experience in the public and private sector serving international businesses. Fluent in Japanese, I lived and worked in Japan for the better part of a decade. I also served in the public sector for seven years in a variety of positions culminating as director of global markets for the former Ohio Department of Development.
  • I earned my master’s degree in economics from Kyoto University in Japan and graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s in international studies from the University at Buffalo.

Lay of the Land

Appalachian Power serves over 48,000 customers in the Volunteer State.

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Key Industries in Tennessee

Advanced Manufacturing

Energy & Chemicals

Paper & Timber

Boundless Advantages

Tennessee’s central location means your business can connect to customers and suppliers faster. Its business-friendly environment means low taxes, less red tape and a long history of fiscal responsibility. Here are more reasons to choose Tennessee.

For more, visit the Tennessee State Economic Development webpage or the regional Networks Sullivan Partnership.

Power in Tennessee

Appalachian Power’s distribution and transmission offerings can accommodate large industrial users. We are poised to power your success. Here’s how.

Competitive Rates

Our industrial rates are 11 percent lower than the national average.

Demand Response Program

With our demand response program, you can sign up to reduce energy demand during high load periods or emergencies and receive a monthly payment.

Robust Transmission Capacity

Our robust transmission capacity supports large industrial users and design, build and maintenance services for customer-owned facilities.

Energy Solutions

We provide advisory services for industrial process improvements, renewable generation and more. Our energy capabilities can be customized for your needs.

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