Award-Winning Site Selection
Award-Winning Site Selection

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By Mark James, CEcD

We have added 16 new industrial properties to our Quality Sites Program, which aims at identifying optimal project-ready sites for development across our eleven-state territory. The sites have undergone extensive evaluation to ensure they meet stringent readiness standards, which are intended to minimize overall site location risk, save time, and reduce site development costs.

With our expanded portfolio, we currently offer businesses 42 sites prepared for industrial, data center and food processing use. Three sites in Virginia, Ohio and Oklahoma have already sold.

Our Quality Sites Program streamlines the site selection process for businesses by removing much of the guesswork and legwork involved in finding the right property. Expanding businesses can benefit from our scale. The ability to access 42 sites across 11 states through one partner provides great efficiency to a site search.

We partnered with Burgess & Niple — a leading site engineering and architectural firm — to conduct in-depth reviews on the sixteen sites. Factors known to be critical for an industrial development project were vetted, including the property size and boundaries, the confirmed availability of utilities, highway access, proper zoning for industrial usage, and transparency of current land ownership and availability. In addition, environmental, geotechnical and archeological assessments have identified areas of risk.

The other sites in AEP’s Quality Sites Program were independently certified by nationally-recognized site selection consultants. AEP worked with McCallum Sweeney Consulting to certify 14 sites as project-ready for industrial development; Biggins Lacey Shapiro & Company to qualify six sites that meet the necessary requirements for colocation and enterprise data center users; and Austin Consulting to certify eight sites that exceed requirements for food processing, including transportation, infrastructure and utilities.

Site certification is no longer considered an incentive for companies, but rather a necessity for attracting new business. Companies want to make their location decisions as quickly as possible and with the least amount of risk. By providing shovel ready sites, we have a distinct competitive advantage in attracting development, jobs and capital investment in  AEP communities.

All of AEP’s Quality Sites are available for review on our website here.

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