AEP’s Renewable Portfolio Interactive Map

Visit our new interactive map to explore AEP's Renewable Portfolio, including 54 wind and solar generation locations across the United States.

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Site Selection Magazine: Top Utilities in ED

AEP has consistently been named one of the top 10 utilities for economic development by Site Selection Magazine over the past five years.

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Aerospace Industry Finds a Hub in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky is home to a booming aerospace manufacturing cluster. Kentucky has seen a 63% increase in the private aerospace products and parts manufacturing industry since 2002. Aerospace exports outpace all other exports in Kentucky, which includes horses, bourbon, and cars.

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Plastics Industry Thrives in U.S. and AEP States

Plastics is the third largest U.S. manufacturing industry employing approximately one million American workers. The plastics industry represents a large sector of the U.S. economy accounting for $427 billion in goods. There are nearly 18,500 plastic facilities in the U.S., and plastics manufacturing has a presence in every state.

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