2017 Marks a Transformative Year for AEP

As we move toward a cleaner energy future, we are preparing by making significant investments in technology, strategic partnerships, talent development and capacity-building for new skills. Read about our progress in 2017.

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Kentucky Power Again Plays Role in Bringing Jobs to the Region

Kentucky Power joined state and local leaders on Dec. 15 as EnerBlu announced its plans to invest $412 million in central and eastern Kentucky. This is one of six major projects announced by the AEP subsidiary in 2017, won after thoughtful execution of an economic development strategy to help drive their region into recovery after the decline of the coal industry.

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Wind Catcher Energy Connection – a Driver for Economic Development

We continue to invest in a diverse mix of energy resources – including renewable energy and natural gas – to provide customers with the reliable power they need to grow and expand their businesses.

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Follow in Facebook’s Footsteps: Why Ohio is a Prime Location for Data Centers

From robust fiber optic and electrical infrastructure, low natural disaster risk and one of the nation’s best tax climates for data centers, Central Ohio is the perfect home for data centers.

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7 Critical Steps to Selecting an Ideal Location in the U.S.

Searching for an industrial site in the U.S.? Not sure where to start? This is our proven approach to reduce risk and select the optimal location for your business.

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