Faster Speed-to-Market for Micro-Data Centers

As full nationwide deployment of 5G is expected by 2020, enterprises and service providers are looking to embed computing and storage capacity closer to where the data is being generated. Hence, the micro-data center. Speed-to-market will become increasingly important for industry players, and AEP can help you act now.

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Edge Computing Meets Data Centers’ Need for Speed

It’s easy to get very fast data center service when you live in major markets. But how do you get the same kind of speed — critical to today’s emerging technologies — in smaller cities and rural communities?

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Taking Data Centers to the Edge

Investment in new edge data centers has exploded as corporations have realized the value of having a distributed architecture of data centers located near data sources.

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Will You Be at CoreNet? Visit Us to WIN!

We will be exhibiting at the 2016 CoreNet Global Summit North America in Philadelphia, PA, October 16-19, 2016.

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Building or Siting a New Data Center: The Basics

Building a data center is considered a mission-critical endeavor. There are several factors that go into successfully executing such a project, including these three.

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Optimal Data Center Locations: Where and Why

Many factors go into selecting the optimal location for a data center. Experts have selected six main criteria for the selection process, detailed here.

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Data Center Whitepaper: Choosing an Optimal Site Location

Building a data center is a mission-critical endeavor. It is necessary to create a detailed picture upfront of the crucial and complex requirements to successfully execute on your vision for a data center. Of these decisions, none is more important than where to locate the data center you plan to build.

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The AEP Qualified Data Center Site Program

Looking for a site to build your next data center? Learn how independently-qualified AEP Qualified Data Center Sites have the infrastructure required by mission critical facilities.

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AEP Transmission EVP on How We Meet the Needs of Data Centers

Lisa Barton, AEP EVP of Transmission, shares AEP's commitment to serving data center customers.

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Expert Consultants Qualify our Data Center Sites

Why should data center operators and site selection consultants should consider AEP Qualified Sites? Hear from Tracey Bosman, BLS & Co.

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