View COVID-19 Business Impacts in Real Time

“Living payroll to payroll.” That’s one takeaway about small businesses from a first-of-its-kind effort by economic development professionals to monitor the business and worker impacts of the pandemic. According to a dashboard hosted by Blane Canada Ltd, more than 70% of responding businesses have seen a negative impact on revenues. About 25% have closed operations,…

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Port improvements support the industrial boom in Corpus Christi

In 2015, the Port of Corpus Christi opened up for crude oil export and has since undergone an industrial boom. In just four years, it has become the fourth largest port in the United States. Oil and gas development has sparked an economic renaissance in the region, and a number of new port improvements are…

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Faster Speed-to-Market for Micro-Data Centers

The business case for micro-data centers is growing stronger by the day as the rollout of 5G gets underway. While its full nationwide deployment is anticipated by 2020, 5G’s bright future promises are already generating a lot of energy. Many industry players, including both enterprises and data center service providers, aren’t waiting to secure the…

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