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Electrical Utilities Aid Shale Customers with Speed‐To‐Market

January 2, 2016 / admin@adept

When you think of a powerful electrical utility serving much of the United States, you might not think quick and agile. Traditionally, the electrical industry has required a long lead time for big new projects. However, today’s electric company must offer expedited service – especially in hot and fast‐growing segments like the shale oil and…

Partner with Electrical Utilities Early for Best Location, Lowest Costs

November 24, 2015 / admin@adept

The role electric utilities can play in shale development operations is under-valued. Utilities can be a valuable partner in helping keep project costs low, even influencing location decision for pipelines and processors. For maximum benefit to all partners, utility companies aim to forge relationships early for natural gas projects. Many will provide free GIS mapping,…