Award-Winning Site Selection
Award-Winning Site Selection

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Congratulations to six AEP states—Texas (#2), Tennessee (#4), Indiana (#6), Louisiana (#8), Ohio (#9) and Kentucky (#10)—for making Area Development’s 2015 Top 10 States for Doing Business. Area Development publishes the list each year based on 21 key factors comprising three overall categories: business environment, labor climate and infrastructure and global access.

Highlights from the rankings:

  • Texas has one of the lowest tax burdens
  • Kentucky has programs that match funds for small businesses
  • Engineering-related degrees have risen by 30 percent from 2008 to 2013 in Tennessee
  • Indiana has a balanced budget and fiscal reserves of $2.14 billion
  • Louisiana’s FastStart program creates a skilled workforce using advanced-job matching and recruitment tools
  • Ohio has a well-integrated transportation infrastructure including 10 intermodal facilities connecting roads, rail, ports and airports

These states are pro-business and have strong resources for companies considering a new location for a facility, but  what really sets them apart are the passionate people at the state and local levels, devoted to making their states great.

We are proud to be part of, and help support, those teams. In addition to providing comprehensive location advisory services to businesses and their site selection consultants, one of our key areas of focus is helping AEP-served communities develop the assets that make them attractive to companies seeking a new location.

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